Fit to go

Fit&go®️ is a patented locking system, an astute solution that allows you to close and adjust the harness with a simple click. Easy and rapid. The harness is fastened by a high-strength plastic buckle and adjusts through the sliding of two simple passers-by.

During the walk, the harness is self-regulating: it is slightly adjusted when the dog pulls and widens when the dog is at rest thus encouraging the animal to maintain a correct behavior. The closure also allows a short but effective size adjustment to ensure comfort when using a coat under the harness itself.

When the dog is set free and unleashed, the harness locking system can be fixed with special loops: it perfectly suits the anatomy and the dog feels completely free in the movements.


The harness is a tailored dress: it wraps without weighing or tightening, an accessory that our dog will hardly feel to wear.

The perfect fit is the result of a patented design: it takes into account the different morphologies of the dog and is adjustable for the best ergonomics. The straps around the upper part of the chest (lower part of the neck) have an anatomical shape: they widen in the central part to distribute the forces on a wider surface and to reduce the pressure on the dog’s body.

We test the products in all conditions of use to ensure that the joints of the animal remain protected and the dog is always free in movement.

A very light harness, thanks to the careful research on eco-materials: soft and breathable fabrics that do not crush the coat despite having characteristics of strength.

Coralpina harnesses do not have exposed seams and are in contact along the straps. In some models they are totally absent or hidden inside the structure of the strap. This avoids the points of abrasion and rubbing with the animal’s fur.


Color is a tool to say something about us. Coralpina harnesses come in a wide variety of styles and colours to match your dog’s fur, taste, season or mood. Classic colors, or fluo, sporty or elegant and different patterns in step with the latest trends.

Italian design

Who said comfort couldn’t go hand in hand with elegance?
The detail makes the difference: quality craftsmanship, reflective seams, trendy colors and finishes as in the tradition of Italian design.
It is a pleasure to see them worn by our dogs.
With a view to quality, all stages of production, from prototype to series production are held in Italy or in our European laboratories.


Coralpina harnesses are suitable for dog of all breeds thanks to the large number of sizes available and the adjustable locking system that adapts to the morphology of the dog.

For small and medium size dogs we recommend the models Cinquetorri Mini, Cinquetorri, Faloria Camouflage, while the models Faloria adjustable, Camouflage Adjustable and Fiames are dedicated to medium and large dogs.

To correctly choose the size you need three measurements: measurement of the lower neck, measurement of the chest circumference (behind the legs) and weight of the dog. References are available in the table of each product sheet.

Eco materials

The company carries out an accurate research on eco-materials, because they contribute to the final characteristics of the product.

Coralpina harnesses are extremely soft despite being durable: this thanks to light materials but at the same time tear-resistant (Mesh nebula, Ecopolymer); many of them are patented and made in Italy with the latest technologies.

All materials used comply with EU REACH (EC) No 1907/2006 for the protection of health and the environment.

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