Three measurements are needed to choose the correct size: measurement of the lower neck, measurement of the chest circumference (behind the legs) and the weight of the dog. The references are available in the data sheet of each product.



Coralpina harness should be washed by hand with soap and water, squeezed as much as possible and the metal parts should be cleaned with a cloth. For a complete drying, it is recommended to place the harness in a ventilated place. It is also possible to wash it in the washing machine with the delicate program inserting the harness in specific bags to prevent metal parts from touching the washing machine drum.

All models of Coralpina harnesses ensure a simple dressing and some models have the particularity of being bidirectional as the model Cinquetorri and Faloria. They can be worn without differences in both directions. This is a design choice that makes the dressing of the dog very intuitive and fast.


Coralpina accessories can be purchased online on this website or from one of the authorized retailers HERE. We distribute our products in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia.

The focus on health and the environment is reflected in the high European production standards and the choice of eco-materials that comply with the European standard REACH (EC) No 1907/2006.

Fit&go®️ is a patented locking system, an astute solution that allows you to close and adjust the harness with a simple click. Easy and fast.

The harness is fastened by a high-strength plastic buckle and it’s self adjusting. It is slightly adjusted when the dog pulls and widens when the dog is at rest thus encouraging the animal to maintain a correct behavior. In addition, two simple loops guarantee a “calibration” of the self-regulation.

When the dog is set free, the harness can be adapted with special loops to ensure a perfect fit and absolute freedom of movement.

The closure also allows a short but effective size adjustment to ensure comfort when in winter you intend to use a coat under the harness itself.

The various Coralpina models are characterized by adapting and dressing correctly the various morphologies of dogs. They were designed considering the different possible dog sizes and according to a list of 360 dog breeds officially recognized by Worldwide, The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). To give some examples, the Cinquetorri model adapts to a wide variety of races and morphologies; the Faloria model is more specific for animals where the circumference between the lower neck and the chest circumference are similar in size; The Faloria and Camouflage adjustable models and the Fiames model are suitable for all animals that have a chest deep and wide than the neck.

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