That deep connection between our soul and the landscape we feel while we walk in nature, the mutual sense of caring that binds us to our dog, the freedom to be ourselves without limitations; this is what inspires us. This is what we want to convey with our pet accessories.

Our mission is to improve the time you and your dog spend together, on your walks, runs and excursions in nature, to ensure a carefree and enjoyable experience for the both of you.
The brand:


Cortina Pet Soul s.r.l is an Italian pet accessory company. We live and work in a beautiful area between the Dolomite Alps and the lagoon of Venice and the beauty of the landscape that surrounds us, along with the culture, provides daily inspiration to create products that combine functionality and style. We are focused on quality, as such, all stages of production, from idea creation to producing prototypes to post production take place here in Italy or in our European laboratories. Our research and development is focused on incorporating innovative design solutions, technology and materials; this has led us to patent many of our products. The coralpina brand is distributed in Europe, the United States, Asia and Oceania through selected retailers with whom we share the desire to offer dog and cat owners products with the highest level of quality standards in the market.

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